Publisher Pigeon Simulator became TinyBuild

Publishing house TinyBuild announced four of its new projects in one fell swoop. And one of them has long been familiar to us: this is Pigeon Simulator. For the first time we heard about Pigeon Simulator in 2019, then the game was behind the studio Bossa, the authors of Surgeon Simulator.

It was a side project of one of the employees, Kevin Sucart. And the first materials he showed became so popular that the studio took the game to work and promised to release it on PS4 and Xbox One in 2020.

As we already know, the plans did not come true. Until now, Pigeon Simulator does not have a release date, and only RS is listed in the list of supported platforms.

And work on the game is led by TinyBuild studio HakJak, and in the list of Kevin Sucarts team does not matter. Everything else is in place: as a dove we do what we want, sowing destruction and violence, declare war on whom want and take the city.

Based on the prototype created by Bossa, a full-fledged game will be made. It will probably be released as early as 2021.

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