Publishing All in! Games opened Happy Little Moments and Iron Bird Creations studios

Famous Polish publishing house All in! Games announced the opening of sister studios Happy Little Moments and Iron Bird Creations. This is part of the companys new development strategy, which the publishing house is working on. Each of the new studios will be allocated approximately $25,000 in seed capital.

Happy Little Moments will develop games and apps that will reach new players, mostly on Nintendo Switch. The studios activities will be based on unusual projects, including those for people with disabilities.

So far, Happy Little Moments employs two people, but the staff will be expanding. Iron Bird Creations will combine cutting-edge technology with a unique creative vision.

The studio will have two divisions, one dedicated to game creation, and the other is purely technological research: porting, artificial intelligence, technical evaluations, etc. The studio is due to release its first original game in 2022 on consolidation.

Publishing House All in! Games has tried to release their own games before, with Red Wings: Aces of the Sky being one such project. But even though a number of the companys projects had good sales, the publishing house ended last financial year with losses.

In particular, Paradise Lost adventure and MMO-simulator failed to meet expectations Lumberhill. The rights to Ghostrunner had to be sold to Italian publishing house 505 Games.

In addition, there was a conflict with the creators of the popular action film, Studio One More Level, as with The Knights of Unity, by Tools Up!. More on Gamemania Ubisoft Gives Out Free Far Cry 3 Hell Let Loose will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series on October 5 The League of Legends Championship can be held in Reykjavik.