Puma and wild bear plague near Harry and Meghan

First of all, photographers were lurking around the house of Harry and Meghan, currently they are wild animals that plague the neighborhood. After a black bear was seen earlier this week, a cougar is now sneaking around.

The cougar would have been first noticed in a garden less than three kilometers away from the house of the Sussexes. The animal would have roared at a German shepherd of ‘neighbor’ Miles Hartfeld. Experts came to the scene immediately to investigate the traces. โ€œThe biologist said that the paw prints came from a cat and that they are too big for a lynx,โ€ he tells The Sun.

It is not the first time a feline has made the neighborhood unsafe, in August even a lion would have visited the neighborhood.

Earlier this week, however, a wild bear has already been spotted. The animal was captured on a security camera and allegedly attacked chickens of neighbours and searched for food in garbage cans. The bear would have his lair in a nearby farm. According to experts, the animal poses a serious risk.