Purchase Rembrandt can continue, also Senate agreement

After the House of Representatives, the Senate also agrees with the purchase of Rembrandt‘s painting The Standard-Bearer. Secretary of State Uslu of Culture says that the purchase process can now be completed within four weeks, then the Netherlands officially owns the work.

Also in the Senate there was some inconvenience about the timing of the purchase, set in motion by former minister Van Engelshoven in the previous cabinet period.


parties have difficulty with the government spending an extra 150 million euros, while the cultural sector is struggling financially due to the corona pandemic. But they also don’t think it‘s right to pass the painting to the Netherlands.

The painting costs 175 million euros. Together, the Rembrandt Association and the Rijksmuseum contribute 25 million euros. The painting is a self-portrait from 1636 by Rembrandt as a young standard-bearer in the Eighty Years’ War and would mean his breakthrough. After this, he was commissioned, among other things, for De Nachtwacht.