Pusic provides clarity about gestures towards failure after NEC-Feyenoord

Marino Pusic explained his attitude towards the outage with Feyenoord supporters after the away game against NEC (1-1). He is said to have behaved angrily and made a number of gestures towards the fans. The supporters were quite outraged about this, but according to Pusic, that is not necessary.
โ€œI think the selection should always thank the accompanying supporters at an away game,โ€ says Pusic after a question from a Feyenoord fan. โ€œEven if you get the full layer, you shouldn‘t just walk away, but you have to receive that together as men. We do it for the supporters, but of course it’s never fun when you get criticized.โ€ The supporters would have asked players to come to the outage and then those same fans would have shouted angry words to the roster.
According to him, Pusic‘s anger was also because he wanted to support the selection. โ€œIt’s still a fairly young selection and I wanted to give the boys a heart. We play a lot of games in a short period of time and those players just need that trust. Criticism is part of it and that‘s good, but together, after all, we’re stronger.โ€
On Sunday, Feyenoord failed to jump over PSV and Ajax due to the 1-1 draw in Nijmegen. This Thursday, the people of Rotterdam will play again. Then an away match against FC Midtjylland awaits in the Europa League pool phase.

Pusic asked again how it was. Very nice response from him ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ https://t.co/beIqZpewIl pic.twitter.com/sz2xdcv4h0
โ€” Joerie (@joerieth) October 3, 2022