Puss Lucy rescued after weeks under bridge in Middelburg

Canoes, surfboards, diving suits and all kinds of rescue equipment. The animal ambulance in Middelburg, together with the fire brigade and a number of local residents, pulled out all the stops to free Cat Lucy. The animal had put itself in an impossible position by crawling under a bridge in the centre of the Zeeland capital.

It started with the report that somewhere a cat was heard, reports Omroep Zeeland. When the volunteers of Dierenwelzijn Walcheren took a look at the Vlissingsebinnen bridge on Thursday, they indeed heard meowing. However, there was no trace of the animal itself.

It was the fire brigade that managed to locate the queen: she appeared to be under a pillar of the bridge, on a ridge. Sometimes she fell off the ledge and then climbed up again.

Some food laid down

The fire brigade did not succeed in freeing the cat. There was too little space between the pillars. Even a few local residents with a canoe could not get hold of the animal.

After several attempts we had to stop the catching operation in consultation with the police and the fire brigade, writes Dierenwelzijn Walcheren on Facebook. After putting some food with the cat, we went home to think about how to solve this problem

After a night‘s sleep, an alternative rescue attempt was devised. The volunteers decided to go into the water with a surfboard. At first they didn’t hear the cat, but Lucy was still in her place. She was emaciated, hypothermic and dazed. She didn‘t meow anymore and let herself be released from her predicament.

Proud of volunteers

After reading the chip it turned out that the cat lived around the corner and had been missing for three weeks. How she got into the water is unclear.

Animal welfare Walcheren says to be ‘very proud‘ of the volunteers who didn’t give up to get Lucy back to her owner.