Putin drags expected election win back in

A resounding victory with a solid turnout was the goal for the Kremlin in the State Duma elections. After three days of voting, the first exit polls came on Sunday night. Putins United Russia party would have received 45% of the vote on the national electoral lists.

Second is the Communist Party, with 21% in the exit polls. At least two other parties reached the 5% electoral threshold on the national electoral lists, dividing half of the 450 parliamentary seats.

The results in the constituency will take shape in the coming days. Traditionally, United Russia hauls almost all 225 seats that can be won there. A two-thirds majority in the State Duma, enough to change the Constitution, seems to be a certainty.

There was a 45% turnout reported with wide variation across the country. Just before the closing of the last ballot boxes, the Central Electoral Commission spoke of a dozen cases of fraud in eight regions, and the number of videos of ballot box fraud on social media was much larger.

Computer voting

Nearly two million Muscovites would have voted on their computer; according to observer organizations, this digital ballot box is not a single surveillance. The opposition was very apprehensive about that.

The team of the incarcerated opposition leader Aleksej Navalny got multiple punches to handle. The voting lists, with one recommended counter-candidate for each constituency to defeat United Russia, were removed by Apple, Google and Russian Telegram following pressure from the Kremlin.