Putin Party achieves expected majority in Russian Parliament

The United Russia Putin-minded party has won 324 out of 450 seats in the Russian parliamentary elections. That is what Russian electoral authority CEC reports. This allows the party to achieve the expected large majority in parliament, although it is slightly lower than the number of seats in 2016.

United Russia receives 49.8% of the votes for the 225 seats distributed by the parties. In addition, another 225 seats will be elected directly by voters. The United Russia candidates won 198 of those seats.


According to the CEC, this together amounts to 324 seats for United Russia. There are 19 fewer than were achieved in the 2016 elections, but still enough to implement constitutional changes.

Three parties that will take up most of the remaining seats are part of the so-called ‘system opposition: parties funded by the government in exchange for their support in parliament. The Communist Party, the largest party operating independently of the government, recorded profits and went from 42 to 57 seats.

Yet members of the Communist Party in Moscow protested against the election results:

Opponents and opposition parties accuse authorities of large-scale fraud in the polls corridor. Earlier, observer organization Golos reported that thousands of irregularities have been recorded: from groups of officials mobilized to vote to a polls with a hidden backdoor inside.

The West also criticized. The EU, the United Kingdom and the US did not call the elections free. EU foreign chief Borrell said rules have been violated and the elections suffered from harassment and the absence of observers.

Majority of Interest

Prior to the election, allies of opposition leader Navalny were also excluded from participating in the elections because the judge had labeled Navalny‘s movement as โ€œextremistโ€.


this end, the Navalny movement decided to encourage voters to vote tactically against United Russia. This meant that they had to vote for the candidate who was most likely to defeat the United Russia candidate in a particular constituency. A specially developed app that provided voice advice was removed from their download stores by Apple and Google at the request of the Kremlin.

For President Putin, a majority in parliament is crucial. That’s because this parliament is still there if it can be elected president again in 2024. With United Russia as the biggest party, a re-election for Putin seems to be guaranteed.