Putin Thanks Russians for Confidence in Elections, West Criticizes

President Putin thanked Russian citizens for the trust they have given by voting. He did that during a video call with the head of the electoral committee.

โ€œA turnout of more than 51 percent is higher than 47 percent in the previous election. It means people take responsibility in choosing parliament,โ€ he said.

The chairman of the electoral committee also talked about the many cyber attacks during the conversation with Putin:

According to the Electoral Committee, almost all votes have been counted. United Russia, the party that supports Putin, is once again the biggest, but also losing ground. The party received nearly 50 percent of the vote, and in the previous election it was more than 54 percent. The Communist Party received 19 percent. With this outcome, Putin has support of more than two-thirds of Parliament and makes it easy to implement constitutional amendments.


Opponents and opposition parties accuse authorities of large-scale fraud in the polls corridor. Earlier, observer organization Golos reported that thousands of irregularities have been recorded: from groups of officials mobilized to vote to a polls with a hidden backdoor inside.

The West also has criticism. For example, the EU, the United Kingdom and the US say that the elections were not free. The British Foreign Ministry declares that democracy in Russia is taking a step back. EU foreign chief Borrell says rules have been breached and the elections suffered from harassment and the absence of observers.

There was demonstration against the election results tonight in Moscow.