Puzzle The Pedestrian will be released on consoles

A year ago, independent studio Skookum Arts released the unusual puzzle game The Pedestrian on Steam. The premiere was successful, the game received extremely positive reviews. And now the developers are preparing to release it on consoles.

On PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 The Pedestrian will be released on January 29, and for the PlayStation 5 they prepare a special version without relying on compatibility. Work is also under way on editions for Xbox Series and Xbox One.

And over time, the game will also appear on Nintendo Switch. The peculiarity of The Pedestrian is that all the action in it takes place on road signs.

Players must bring the painted man to the target, choosing the right path and solving puzzles so that he can move from one sign to another. More on CCeit Real Heroes: Firefighter HD will be released on RS January 21 Authors Tank Mechanic Simulator revealed console versions Analysts believe that now is the best time to buy a CD Projekt.