Puzzle thriller The Tartarus Key stylized for PlayStation 1

Tiny independent studio Vertical Reach, known for a pair of casual puzzles, has announced the new game, which is being worked on with the backing of Armor Games Studios publishing house. Two developers of The Tartarus Key are inspired by classic horror stories like Alone In The Dark and live escape from the room series. The main character, Alex Young, finds himself in such a locked room of a mysterious mansion, and all it has is a cynical voice in a walkie-talkie.

Players will explore a huge murky mansion, find other survivors, save them or leave them to their destiny. We are waiting for a story full of unexpected twists, dangerous surprises and terrible mysteries, concealed in the center of the mansion.

Depending on how we do the task, well see one of three endings. The Tartarus Key comes out on Steam in 2022.

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