PvdA and GroenLinks warn the coming cabinet against ‘opposition new style’

No, they‘re not going to merge, and no, there will be no joint fraction either. At least not in the short term. But now that a new cabinet with โ€œnew impetusโ€ is coming, they want to send a message as opposition โ€œnew styleโ€, Jesse Klaver van GroenLinks and Lilianne Ploumen of the PvdA. They had been holding each other for a while during the formation, today they say they โ€œdon’t let themselves play apartโ€.

From the Pulchri Studio in The Hague, they explain their further cooperation. The new cabinet has probably been warned: GroenLinks and PvdA will be more committed to the content in the coming period, less‘ moved along’ with the cabinet.

Clover: โ€œWe are not just going to help the cabinet to a majority anymoreโ€. Ploumen: โ€œWe‘re not going to wait what the cabinet comes with. If they come with anything, ever.โ€

โ€œNot the same oppositionโ€

In a so-called progressive opposition agreement, the parties present fifteen points where they want to test a new government in the coming years. These are themes such as affordable housing, climate change and combating inequality. Themes they spoke out about before, but together they hope to work harder on the road.

In order to get the green light for new policies, the cabinet needs the support of one of the two middle parties in the Lower House. Now that the parties commit so strongly, the new coalition will now have to convince both the parties. This may give Klaver and Ploumen’s parties more influence to put things to their hand.

On the other hand: PvdA and GroenLinks don‘t agree on everything either. For example, about the current postponed 2G plan, which the PvdA seems to see more than GroenLinks.

A tour that Nieuwsuur recently made shows that the parties in the twenty largest municipalities are not taking steps towards further cooperation. However, in smaller municipalities, they do together more often than before.

Anyway, it’s โ€œhigh timeโ€ for left-wing cooperation at a national level, says Ploumen.

Clover predicts that soon โ€œjust the old cabinet will be on the boards againโ€. โ€œBut I promise you in this one: you won‘t get the same opposition. Because we’re going to do it differently this time.โ€