PVDA leader Asscher in quarantine, missing coronadebat

PVDA leader Lodewijk Asscher must pass the coronadebat in the House on Wednesday. One of his children has been tested positive for the coronavirus, which is why he quarantines, tweets.

Asscher has also been tested. He wasn‘t infected. During the debate on the extended lockdown announced by the Cabinet on Tuesday evening, he was replaced by his colleague Lilianne Ploumen.

The Labour Party will hold its party congress later this week. According to a spokesman, it is still unclear whether Asscher’s quarantine has any consequences. However, he points out that the congress would be held largely digitally.

Asscher has to fight a motion of censure from his own constituents during the party congress on Saturday. There are members of the Labour Party who believe that he should leave because of his share in the payment affair as a former Minister of Social Affairs. Party leaders do everything behind the scenes to keep him in the saddle.