PVDA leader Ploumen catches for corona performances Rutte

PVDA leader Lilianne Ploumen opened the attack on VVD and CDA at her partys digital birthday party. The Social Democrat wants to take a different path by taxing multinationals, millionaires and pawnbrokers more heavily.

Furthermore, the PvdA wants to introduce a digitax for large tech companies such as Google and Facebook. In a speech between the looms of the Textile Museum in Tilburg, Ploumen states that it is time to declare โ€œright-wing liberal thinking bankruptโ€ and to turn the Netherlands into an โ€œassociationโ€.

Criticism of press conferences Rutte

According to the brand new leader, this is very different than the cabinet of Rutte and Hoekstra: โ€œThey see the Netherlands as a multinational with a profit and loss account.โ€ Ploumen lacks at the many corona performances of the demissionary Prime Minister and VVD leader: โ€œPress conference after press conference, but no plan on how to proceed with corona. No real solutions to the deep social crisis in the Netherlands.โ€

Ploumen is also vicious about CDA leader Hoekstra: โ€œHis first act as the leader of the CDA? Elimination of the increase in the minimum wage. His second act? A proposal to increase the remuneration of supervisory directors of state-owned enterprises by 15 to 20%.โ€


Despite the critical words, after her speech, Ploumen says that the Labour Party does not want to exclude both parties. โ€œThe Labour Party wants to be alone in the cabinet with another left-wing party,โ€ says the Social Democrat. Does D66 belong in that category? โ€œWe share a number of progressive values, but they still have to move a little in the socio-economic field.โ€

It is striking that SP leader Lilian Marijnissen no longer excludes this campaign collaboration with the VVD. At Buitenhof she reviewed the success of the right in the polls as a political change: โ€œThe VVD is moving our way. The political gain is that we pull the political center to the left.โ€


Ploumen does not share that analysis: โ€œI do not think the VVD is moving to the left at all.โ€ The PvdA celebrated the 75th anniversary in Tilburg at the Textielmuseum. In the previous elections, the party itself had become a museum piece due to a historically bad result. Sunday the party has 13 virtual seats in the poll of De Hond. Left competitors GL and SP have to do it each with 9 seats.