PVDA leader Ploumen: ‘Give young people premium for first home’

The PvdA wants to further tackle home milkers. “You only need one house to live in. But some have 590, like Prince Bernhard,” said Ploumen. She advocates tax on rental income and wants the government to be able to issue fines if the rules are not complied with. “Living has become a revenue model.”

The CDA is milder in that, but does want it to be impossible to buy whole blocks of houses. As far as list puller Hoekstra is concerned, entrepreneurs can still rent a building. “That should be possible.” According to the party, the transfer tax for a second “or yet another house” has to increase considerably.

Cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

A studio guest wants to know how the parties want to work to prevent diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Both sides want people to live healthy more easily. “Its up to us to make healthy life easier,” said Ploumen. In her view, this could be done with a sugar tax and the abolition of VAT on fruit and vegetables.

Hoekstra joins in this. He also advocates more research into diseases such as Alzheimers, obesity and cancer:

At the beginning of the broadcast, the list tractors also responded to the coronapers conference of demissionary Prime Minister Rutte and Minister de Jonge earlier this evening. Ploumen: “I actually thought it was a very bad story. The numbers are getting up, the massage parlors open, but young people are only allowed to go to school for one day, universities and colleges remain closed?”

Hoekstra, also demissionary Minister of Finance, is pleased that more is possible within education. “It is also important that more can be done in the field of sports (for young people up to 27 years old, red.) and in the liaison professions. Youd like more. Weve all had enough. But Im glad that we can now do this again.”

Training in healthcare

A viewer asked through the online community how the parties want to make a training in healthcare more attractive for future students. The PvdA wants the salaries for the care workers to go up. The parties have previously submitted proposals for this in the Chamber. “I find it very disappointing that there was no majority in favour of that.”

CDA leader Hoekstra agrees that money is indeed essential to enthuse young people for the profession. He therefore calls for an increase in the minimum wage and wants to reduce taxes for middle-income people.

Hoekstra also wants to get rid of all the formalities that care employees deal with:

And what do the list creators actually think about culture? One of the studio guests wonders. She comes from Brabant and plays in a mop orchestra. There is less and less subsidy for these activities, she says. Both politicians emphasise the importance of the cultural sector and want more money to be released for it. “Culture brings us together and tells us something about who we are,” says Hoekstra.

Ploumen wants the money for culture to be distributed throughout the country:

In the next few days, other list leaders from large parties will talk to young people, except PVV leader Geert Wilders; he turned down the invitation. Tomorrow will be the turn of Gert-Jan Segers (ChristenUnie) and Sigrid Kaag (D66). That call starts at 8:00.

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