PvdA nominates Lilianne Ploumen as a leader

Lilianne Ploumen becomes, if it is up to the PVDA board, the new leader in the Second Chamber elections. On Saturday, the party holds a digital congress to finally establish the list, including the leader.

Ploumen then becomes the successor of Lodewijk Asscher, who resigned last week because of his role in the payment affair. โ€œI have had a few strange days,โ€ she said at the press presentation in Amsterdam. โ€œI had to ask myself, am I ready? Yes, I say today.โ€

At the press presentation, Ploumen told us why she wants to become the leader of the PvdA:

The candidate likeness said she wants to stand up for people who feel less than anyone else. โ€œIf you are not taken seriously because you are a woman. If youre not heard.โ€

Prespecting the formation after the elections, Ploumen called it โ€œunthinkableโ€ that the Labour Party would go into a cabinet without another left party. Asscher had previously agreed something similar with Groenlinks leader Klaver.

Minister and President

Ploumen was number 3 on the list and has already acted as acting group chairman in recent days. Before that, she was vice-chairman.

The 58-year-old Ploumen has extensive experience in The Hague. In Rutte II, she was Minister for Development Cooperation. In that role she gained some international fame through the founding of She Decides. In doing so, she raised money for sexual education and safe abortion in developing countries. She started that initiative when President Trump ended funding organizations that help women with abortion.

After her ministership, Ploumen came to the Chamber with preferential votes. She was ranked 10 on the Pvda list in the 2017 elections, while the party won nine seats. Ploumen was chairman of the PvdA from 2007 to 2012.

When Ploumens list attraction becomes final next weekend, she will be the first female party leader of the Social Democrats.

Last week, Ploumen called Asschers departure a blow: