PvdA reports cyber attacks: We dont let ourselves mouth

The PvdA has reported continuing cyber attacks on the party‘s website. As a result of the attacks, Dutch people abroad could no longer visit the website.

The site of MEP Kati Piri has also been shut down several times. The former Turkey rapporteur has written critical reports on the country. She is in fifth place on the Pvda list for the Second Chamber elections.

According to a spokesman, the attacks were announced through a Turkish Twitter account. The party therefore suspects that there are Turkish hackers behind the attacks.

Let us not shut up.

The fact that we are likely to suffer from interference from Turkish hackers in election time is worrying and extremely annoying, says the PvdA. But no attack makes the PvdA stand less loudly for people who are committed to democracy, the rule of law and human rights in Turkey. We will not be silencing ourselves.

Both websites were targeted by a DDoS attack. In such an attack, a site is bombarded with large amounts of data traffic, which overloads the server and makes it difficult or impossible to reach the website.

The party has tightened the security around the website. We already had security in order, but there’s not much you can do against such a big attack. But we do that nicely now, the website is running.

Foreign opinion

Dismissionary Minister Kajsa Ollongren tells De Cceit that the National Cyber Security Centre is ready to help the PvdA. It is very important that all political parties can do their normal things in the campaign and that there are no disruptions, even via the digital route, says the Minister of the Interior.

I have always been alert to the possibility of foreign interference. This is one way that can happen. We have to act hard on that.