PvdA should look for a new party chairman

Pvda chairman Nelleke Vedelaar is not running for a new term. She thinks it is after four years for a new party chairman โ€œwho will take 120 percent on the big assignments before our party.โ€

Vedlaar points out that the result of the Second Chamber elections was โ€œa big damperโ€. โ€œAs a campaign manager, that‘s what I care about.โ€ The PvdA won nine seats, just like in the 2017 elections, when the party lost 29 seats.

The members of the PvdA elected Vedelaar as chairman in 2017. She succeeded Hans Spekman, who resigned after the dramatic election defeat.

Pull out of the slop

Vedelaar had to pull the party out of the slump again and, according to his own words, partially succeeded in this. The foundation has been restored as far as it is concerned. โ€œThe party is better than in 2017.โ€

But, she says, โ€œSo we’re not here yet. I have come to the conclusion that it is best for the party if a new chairman takes on these and other assignments with full energy.โ€

The PvdA elects a new president on 2 October. โ€œUntil then, I will work with the same energy for my party and our association.โ€

Two months before the elections, party leader Lodewijk Asscher withdrew as leader of the PvdA. As a former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Affairs, he felt that he was partly responsible for the payment affair. Asscher was succeeded by a member of parliament and former minister Lilianne Ploumen.