PVV leader Wilders back on Twitter, platform makes excuses

After a few days of suspension, PVV leader Wilders may tweet again. He announced this himself via his Twitter account. A screenshot shows that the company acknowledges that a mistake has been made.

Wilders was suspended for breaking hateful behavior rules according to the social media platform. According to Wilders himself, this was due to a tweet in which he writes about the violence of the intolerant ideology of Islam and death threats coming from residents of Pakistan. He also calls Prophet Muhammad a false prophet. It was a message in English that he addressed to the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Twitter says there is no offence after all. The company apologises to the politician. DecceIt has asked Twitter questions about the suspension at several times over the past few days. The company now only confirms in a statement that a mistake has been made and does not want to go further into the considerations that led to this.