Pyotr Salnikov from the Abominable Muddlers podcast started creating games

Peter Salnikov, a former gaming journalist and author of the Abominable Muddlers project, will develop games. He left his podcast to the young studio Book Burner Games, which is already working on its debut game, an RPG with tactical elements set in a new world. The details are promised to be announced later.

According to Salnikov, the game has been in development for about half a year, and the team of authors plan to expand in the future. Previously Pyotr Salnikov was a contributor to GMBox, Kanobu and PC Games, and after the closure of the popular podcast Adovas Kitchen, where he was a host, launched a new one โ€” it eventually turned into โ€œAbominable menโ€.

Salnikov later launched The House of The Dev podcast about making games, where they interviewed industry representatives. More on Gamermania Fantastic Shooter Industria to be released on September 30 โ€” Fresh trailer Black Desert authors working on PS5 and Xbox Series versions Starring in the TV series Twisted Metal to play Anthony Maki.