Q. Timber: “I may not say it, but I just think it sucks”

The chagrin is great at FC Utrecht. The return against Vitesse seemed like a formality, yet everything went wrong. Quinten Timber is not to be enjoyed, just like head coach Rick Kruys.
Quintens brother Jurriën (player of Ajax) is quite teasing. I haven‘t received a message yet, but I’m sure I‘ll hear it at home. Maybe he doesn’t say anything, but I‘m not really into it, Timber tells ESPN. I may not be allowed to say it, but just think it sucks. We lost painfully, needlessly. That’s what I‘m mostly concerned with.
FuturePSV and Ajax have Timber in their sights, as are several foreign clubs. If you don’
t mind, I‘m going to process this first, then on vacation. We still have the Orange Junior, then we’ll see how it goes. I am developing very well here and can get so much better, also at Utrecht. I‘m having a great time, so for now I’m staying with Utrecht.
It went wrong because Vitesse was brighter, but also because we didn‘t finish the odds and they got into the competition in a good way. It also went wrong because we couldn’t get our back. In the extension, Vitesse was just better, says Kruys.
It‘s not just disappointment, but also sadness. You saw in the Galgenwaard what it can loosen. It’s not a great season, then you still hope to do something in the playoffs. The conclusion is that I did not succeed either.