Qantas carries out longest commercial flight ever

Airline Qantas completed the longest commercial flight ever on Wednesday night (local time). It was a repatriation flight from the Argentine capital Buenos Aires to Darwin, Australia. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which operated the flight, covered the 14,683 kilometres in 17 hours and 26 minutes.

The repatriation flight has broken the airline‘s previous record, the commercial flight between London and Perth (14,498 kilometres). In 2019, Qantas operated two test flights between London and Sydney (17,800 km), but on board were only test takers who had not paid for a ticket. Due to the corona pandemic, testing flights were no longer operated.

On board the repatriation aircraft, there were 107 passengers and four pilots working in turn. The aircraft flew across Antarctica, an area where passenger planes rarely come, recorded temperatures of -75 degrees Celsius, and travellers had โ€œspectacularโ€ views.

This year’s Darwin airport โ€” for the first time in history โ€” flights from every inhabited continent on Earth have landed. There are few airports worldwide where flights from all six of the inhabited continents land. It often involves major airports such as Dubai, Doha and London.