Qatar: Kabul Airport Gradually Reopen

The airport of the Afghan capital Kabul will gradually reopen to air traffic. A Qatari government employee says at the scene that Hamid Karzai International Airport is about 90 percent ready for use.

A flight is scheduled on Thursday. Then, according to sources, about 200 foreigners, including Americans, leave Afghanistan. They fly to Qatar, which plays an intermediary role in the conflict. Images from Al Jazeera show that families with suitcases are waiting at the airport. Among them are women, children and the elderly.

According to another Qatari government officer, its a regular flight and not an evacuation flight. A flight out of Kabul is also scheduled on Friday.

The Taliban is said to have been pressured by the United States to allow flights from Kabul again. According to the US, some hundred Americans have remained in Afghanistan after the end of the large-scale evacuation operation due to the Taliban advance.

Also, thousands of Afghans who helped the US mission in the country would still be trapped in the country. The same goes for many Afghans who have helped other countries, including the Netherlands. They fear for their lives because of potential Taliban revenge.