QB Planets puzzle based on Rubiks Cube goes out on Steam

Studio Madowl Games entrusted the publishing house Ritual Interactive Steam-release with its QB Planets adventure puzzle. The game is already available on Android and iOS, and from July 12 will appear on Ps. The idea of QB Planets is based on the famous puzzle Rubiks Cube.

The only thing about it we will have with whole planets divided into the same sectors. Our task is to help the astronaut get to his ship for a minimum number of moves, avoiding dangers like the lake of Lava.

In the process of passing, players will be able to collect stars by performing additional conditions at levels. And for them you can buy new costumes for the astronaut and stardom, on which he travels between different planets.

Players are promised more than a hundred planets puzzles, and open planets can appear new mechanics. More on Gambling Game set Interior of Dreams is already available in The Sims 4 Next Nintendo Direct will be held only on June 15 Complete the game from Kanobu, find Magic Tablets and get half a kingdom!.