Qualifying duel Europa League cancelled during warm-up because of corona

Normally speaking, Lincoln Red Imps from Gibraltar and FC Pristina from Kosovo played against each other on Saturday night in a qualifier game for the Europa League.

The duel was first scheduled for Tuesday night, but due to eight positive corona-attacks at FC Pristina, the game was cancelled. According to the regulations, that would mean a 3-0 victory for the Lincoln Red Imps.

And that’s where the story gets fun. The Kosovar club went through the regulations and found a loophole.

Because of corona, special rules apply to the qualification phase and the play-offs. One of these means that a match will be rescheduled if there are less than 13 players available. A club may then bet players who are not registered with UEFA, provided that those players are registered with their national association.

The eight players were flown in after several corona tests, trained twice and were ready to play. The story turned out to be too good to be true. Again players of Pristina turned out to be infected. Isolation in the hotel was what was left and for the second time the part of Pristina on the soccer field remained empty, while the Red Imps were already busy warming up.

Weather a cancellation. By order of the Gibraltarian authorities, according to Lincoln Red Imps, Pristina stated that UEFA had just ordered Red Imps. The interests for both clubs are big. For example, 250 thousand euros is at stake, a quarter of the market value of the Red Imps. To be continued.