“Quarantine” will become “Parasite”: in PSN the name of the new Rainbow Six

In the PlayStation Network database found the poster and the name Rainbow Six: Parasite — it is assumed that this is the new name Rainbow Six: Quarantine. On a recent quarterly report, Ubisoft told investors that it could change the subtitle of the project to avoid negative response from the audience due to the connection of Quarantine with the current world situation — Parasite avoids such association. In addition, it seems that the release of the cooperative shooter will take place very soon: not only the release version of the project has already been added to the database of the service, but also the update of the first day (1.

01) — & laquo; update for the first launch, Along with this flowed poster and icons for PS4, as well as a layout for remote playback on PS Vita. Icon foldOfficially the release of the project must take place before the end of September.

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