Quarter of Dutch people see drug use or drug trafficking in their own neighbourhood

Almost a quarter of Dutch people say that drugs are sometimes used or traded in the neighbourhood where they live. Approximately four percent say that they are very inconvenienced by it, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS) on the basis of data from the Safety Monitor 2019.

CBS has used neighbourhoods where basic police teams are active as a starting point for the figures. In the Netherlands there are 167 of these regional and local police teams. Especially in large cities where a police team is active in the neighbourhood, people are more likely to experience drug use and drug trafficking

There are big differences between the basic teams. For example, 14 percent of people who live in the Groningen-South region of the team occasionally see drug use or trafficking. In Amsterdam Centrum-Burgwallen this is almost 80 percent.

Border areas

In addition to the big cities, residents of the border areas with Germany and Belgium also say that they are often confronted with people who use or trade in drugs. Half of the inhabitants of Kerkrade say that this occurs in their neighbourhood.

The quality of life in the neighbourhoods is also deteriorating, say the interviewees to Statistics Netherlands. They are more likely to see other forms of nuisance, such as harassment of people on the street, drinking and young people hanging around.