Quay wall in the centre of Amsterdam partly collapsed

In the centre of Amsterdam, a piece of a quay wall on the Grimburgwal collapsed. The cause is still unclear. It’s probably a sinkhole, but that’s still being investigated further.

“We suddenly heard a very loud noise,” says eyewitness Robin Gouwswaard to NH News. He was walking with his girlfriend across the street when the quay collapsed. “Suddenly we saw a piece of quay about twenty metres slowly sink into the water. It took about a minute.”

An emergency team is present at the quay. That team is going to see what needs to be done to stabilise the situation. The building on the quay has been evacuated.


“I am very glad that this did not lead to personal injury,” says alderman Sharon Dijksma. “This shows once again that the need to invest in maintenance and to eliminate overdue maintenance is undiminished. We have been investing heavily in this since last year.”

Bridges and quays in the capital are in bad shape, it turned out in July. More than a hundred kilometres of quay wall have yet to be investigated.

The city has earmarked 300 million euros for the investments, but that amount is very likely to increase. The coalition expects 2 billion euros.