Queen about vaccinations: ‘Think of others’

Vaccination is not just for yourself, you do it for the people around you. The British Queen Elizabeth emphasised this in a video call with healthcare professionals responsible for the vaccination programme in the UK.

The 94-year-old Queen recognized โ€œthat it can be quite difficult for people if they have never been vaccinated before. But they should think of other people instead of themselves.โ€ The prick itself is โ€œquite harmless,โ€ Elizabeth said: โ€œAs I experienced it, it was nothing. It was very fast and I also received a lot of letters from people who were surprised how easy it was to get vaccinated. And the prick absolutely did not hurt.โ€

Moreover, the vaccination gives rest, says the British prince: โ€œOnce you have been vaccinated, you have such a feeling of: I am protected. And I think thats very important.โ€


The British Queen is particularly impressed by the scale of the pandemic: โ€œIts a bit like a plague, dont you think? Because were not just fighting the virus here, but its everywhere. It is a remarkable battle we are fighting out.โ€ Elizabeth compared that battle, especially the vaccination programme, with World War II: โ€œIve been through the war, and its a lot like that all noses are in the same direction.โ€

And the battle is progressing well in the United Kingdom, because millions of British people have already been vaccinated. The Queen is particularly impressed by this: โ€œI find it remarkable how quickly all this has been done and how many people have already received a vaccine.โ€ This was mainly due to her colleagues, so they received a compliment: โ€œKeep up the good work!โ€