Queen Elizabeth loses financial support for Sandringham after Brexit

Queen Elizabeth loses a major cash injection for her Sandringham estate when the United Kingdom finally closes the door to the European Union in December. That is what David McClure says in his Thursday book The Queen‘s True Worth .

McClure reveals that the Queen receives a hefty annual subsidy for Sandringham from the EU’s Agricultural Fund. Over the last five years, that would have been EUR 3.2 million. Last year there was even a 55% increase in the subsidy because Prince Charles managed to have Sandringham qualify as an organic farm, making it eligible for support from the Rural Development Fund. The Queen received a total of EUR 1 million in 2019.

According to McClure, the Queen has benefited considerably from the so-called common agricultural policy since Britain joined the European Community in 1973. Her estate was one of the largest in and around Norfolk after Prince Philip carried out a drastic reform and reparcelling of 200 square kilometres. “That income was never included in estimates of her assets,” the author says.