Queen Elizabeths rare swipe to government leaders for climate rally

Queen Elizabeth has shown rare criticism on Thursday about world leaders not attending the Cop26 conference on climate change in Glasgow. Daily Mail reports that.

The Queen commented that its pretty unusual after all: โ€œIve heard everything about Cop and I still dont know whos coming. I dont know We only know about people who dont come. Its really aggravating if they do talk about it, but dont add the act to the word.โ€

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Not common

She made these statements during the opening of the Welsh Parliament in Cardiff. There, the 95-year-old monarch spoke to Camilla and Elin Jones, the President of Parliament. The statements were picked up through the events livestream. It is not common for the Queen to share her personal vision or opinion on political issues. In general, she keeps her lips stiff on each other.

It is suspected that the British Queen will share her concerns with the government, two weeks after Boris Johnson was warned that Chinese President Xi Jinping will not attend the climate conference in person.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro have not yet agreed to attend the Glasgow meeting.


Just Thursday Joe Biden confirmed his presence. The United States diplomat in England, Philip Reeker, called the meeting โ€œa crucial moment on the road to a safer, prosperous and sustainable future for our planet.โ€

According to Daily Mail, limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees could be negated if China, which they say accounts for 27 percent of global CO2 emissions, does not take action. It is feared that the country will not cooperate after Boris Johnson reported the absence of the Chinese head of government.