Queen Máxima barefoot and shopping at Bol.com during meeting

Queen Máxima works stiff from home during the coronacrisis. This week, she had a video connection with Senegal for several days to talk about microfinance. And as we‘re used to from the Queen, she looks like she’s going through a ring. But… there were some remarkable things to be found in the released photos

, for

example, Máxima has taken off her shoes or she never even wore during the meeting. Her bare feet are clearly visible under the table. Furthermore, the queen has heavily recycled her outfit. She wore the necklace earlier during a visit to Vietnam in 2011, in the dress we saw her for the first time in 2019 when she visited a project of Debt relief, as the website Fashion Queen Máxima knows.

And also the Queen, like all of us, is sometimes distracted during a meeting. On her iPad, which is on the table, you can see that she has just placed an order at Bol.com and paid for it. What that order is, then again, is not visible…