Questions about Schalke-return Huntelaar: ‘Doubt whether he will be successful’

Klaas-Jan Huntelaars return to Schalke 04 is a matter of time, but former striker Erik Meijer openly doubts whether the 37-year-old striker will be successful again in Gelsenkirchen. At the gate closer of the Bundesliga Huntelaar plays far from the goal.

โ€œThats why I didnt expect it from Klaas-Janโ€, says Meijer to the Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œAjax plays dominant, so hes in the enemy zone. There he is still very good and useful. He stays, he is the pinchhitter and has a tremendous status in the team.โ€
โ€œSchalke is not dominant and often plays far from the goal,โ€ continues the former Bundesliga striker. โ€œThen the defensive work Klaas-Jan will take a lot of strength. Strength that he will hopefully not be short for the goal, because that is essential when you have exceeded the 30. That is why I doubt whether he will be successful again.โ€
That Meijer has a lot of respect for Huntelaar, who also played at PSV, De Graafschap, AGOVV, sc Heerenveen, Real Madrid and AC Milan, is beyond doubt. โ€œHe scored all over Europe. There cant be many.โ€
Huntelaar is in all probability presented by Schalke on Tuesday. According to German media, the medical inspection in Gelsenkirchen did not cause any problems.