Questions after lockdown nursing homes Oost-Groningen: ‘There is no creative solution’

Family members of residents of eleven nursing and care centres in the east of Groningen have difficulty with the lockdown that was announced on Friday. Healthcare Organisation Oosterlengte used the measure to prevent the infectious British variant of the virus from entering the care homes. However, there is also an understanding of the situation.

โ€œ It‘s very bad. More for my mother than for myself,โ€ says Boukje Kramer to RTV Noord. Her 87-year-old mother lives in a care centre in Nieuwolda. โ€œIf that infection comes, you don’t stop it anyway,โ€ she says. โ€œNow it‘s closed until 25 January. But for the same money, it’s still like this in April. And then? That is not good for the dwellers.โ€

โ€œ Surely it should be possible to admit one regular visitor?โ€ , Grรฉ Lenting wonders aloud. For almost 28 years, Lenting has been caregiver of the 97-year-old Mrs. Koops, who also lives in the care centre in Nieuwolda. โ€œThey say it is necessary because the British mutation of the virus lies in wait. But how long do we have to keep this up? For months more? That‘s inhuman,โ€ says Lenting. โ€œI would like East longitude to be a little more creative with coming up with solutions.โ€

โ€œI came there every day.โ€

โ€œ I think the measures are quite right,โ€ says Riรซtte Puister. Her 87-year-old mother is inside the window of the care center. The window is a little open, so Puister can talk to her mother from the outside. โ€œSafety for everything. It’s just a vulnerable group, so you don‘t have to take risks. At present, this is the only option.โ€

Annechien ten Have visited her 93-year-old mother daily in a care centre in Beerta. She helped her mother with the food, something she can’t do for a while. โ€œRationally speaking, I understand. But emotionally, I find it difficult. I came there every day and now suddenly no more,โ€ says Ten Have. โ€œPerhaps East longitude could have thought about measures earlier, it was already clear that the British variant was coming.โ€

The eleven nursing homes and nursing homes have been locked since 6:00 p.m. Friday. Family is not allowed to visit and the residents are not allowed to leave their department. The full lockdown is valid for more than a week, until 25 January.

โ€œ Our goal is the well-being of the clients,โ€ says board chairman Ismay Kremers of care organization Oosterlengte. โ€œIt turned out that, despite previous measures, the virus can still get in. How are we supposed to protect our elders? We do not want to go for an even greater disaster.โ€

Kremers understands that closing the care centers raises many questions. โ€œIn fact, we have bought time to carefully see how to proceed. We really are not supposed to close for months in a row.โ€ According to Kremers, it is being examined whether a relaxation of the rules is possible: โ€œWe are busy with that, but I do not want to anticipate that at this moment.โ€