Quinsy Gario, number 2 of Bij1, discontinued

The party board of Bij1 has expelled Quinsy Gario, confirms the party after notification in Trouw. The number two membership on the election list is withdrawn due to โ€œsignals that not everyone felt safe within the partyโ€.

As a

result of the signals, the board had instructed a law firm to investigate the case. The outcomes were a shock to the board, says in a statement. The allegations against Gario have not been disclosed, but according to a spokesperson, it is not about sexual cross-border behavior.

โ€œHis membership wasnt good for the organization. At 1 is all about people, we want people to feel safe within the party,โ€ says the party in Trouw. Gario can still object to the decision.

First replacement

Gario, best known for his actions against Zwarte Piet, officially says he hasnt heard about the decision yet and adds that he had no chance to tell his story to the Committee of Inquiry. According to him, he tried to denounce bullying and abuse of power himself and attempted โ€œto complicate my existence within the party,โ€ he says Trouw.

According to the Board, Gario was personally informed of the suspension and contributed in writing to the law firms investigation.

Garios forced departure may cause problems if party leader Sylvana Simons had to leave the Chamber (temporarily). Because Gario was in place 2 on the electoral list, he is the preferred replacement even if he is no longer a member of the party. Its not until he refuses to see another party member, Rebekka Timmer.

Gario is not talking about that hypothetical situation in the paper. Above all, he feels dissatisfaction with the situation arising. โ€œThe last thing I want is for racist Netherlands to cheer about fighting in the party.โ€