‘Quite complete’ Dost impresses opponents: “I was shocked by his impact”

Bas Dost has put himself on the map in Belgium in a short time. The 31-year-old striker scored six times in his first eight official duels on behalf of Club Brugge: his opponents are impressed.

Beerschot-defender Frédéric Frans calls Dost in conversation with Sport/Football Magazine a quite complete spits. At first glance a great player, a typical targetman you might think. We were briefed in advance that he was very good, but he turned out to be even better, says Frans.
Frans and his own lost on 17 January with 0-3 of Club Brugge: Dost signed one of the three goals. What struck me most was how mobile he is, technically skilled as well. And most importantly, he played very simple. His impact frightened me anyway, I didnt expect it to be so big, says the defender.
Dost also seems to be the missing piece of puzzle for Club Brugge, which is heading unthreatened for the title. Before his arrival, Club was already quite a complete team. With him, they have a player who allows them to play football in different ways, says Frans. Perhaps at the moment he is the most complete striker in Belgium.
Club Brugge is also active in the Europa League. Blue-Black starts on Thursday at his diptych with the Ukrainian Dinamo Kiev.