Radio stations play on curfew

Now that the curfew is a fact, radio stations come up with plans to entertain those staying at home in the evening. Transmitters like NPO 3FM, Radio 538 and 100% NL have changed their programming from Saturday.

3FM DJ Sander Hoogendoorn kicks off with a marathon on YouTube and runs between 21.00 and 04.30 hours from his living room, announced the radio station Friday. Every hour is dedicated to a different genre. โ€œThe fact that we have to stay inside every night in the next few weeks is a bitter pill. Then lets have a party from the first night together,โ€ says Sander.

On Monday NPO 3FM we will also hear the Evening Bell Game in the show of Rรกmon Viewijen and Mark van der Molen. The pub quiz for listeners is based on songs that are often played on the station. At 3Voor12 Radio songs can be requested during the Curfew Request. During the weekend, the programs Vera On Track and Kaat pay attention to the curfew until late.

Request numbers

Also Radio 538 has made room in the programming, announced the channel. The Coen and Sander Show will continue for half an hour from Monday, until 19:30. They will start the 538 Evening Clock Show from 18:00 and will be succeeded by another duo. During the show, requests from the listeners are central and there will be a special Evening Clock Wheel.

From Saturday evening the new temporary program De Avondklokshow will be on 100% NL. Illusionist Hans Klok will present the first broadcast, which will cover games, stories and music.