“Raids” director snaps thriller with Tom Hardy for Netflix

Raids and Apostle director Gareth Evans will shoot new thriller Chaos (Havoc) for Netflix, starring Tom Hardy in the title role. Evans also acted as a screenwriter and producer of the coming picture. The story will tell about the life of a detective who after a failed deal with drug dealers is forced to go to save the son of the politician.

In the process, he will reveal a whole criminal network that has confused the city, and the journey itself, of course, will not be without scuffles with bandits. Filming is due to start in June.

In addition, the director has signed a deal with Netflx for the next few years, in which he will create new projects for the service. More on Gambling Justice League Snyder will be released outside the US on digital platforms Since Monday sold 1 million copies of Valheim – total circulation is already 3 mln to Amazing American Circus released demo.