Rainbow Six Extraction to be released on September 16 — new trailer and gameplay

Ubisoft unveiled a cinematic trailer for Rainbow Six Extraction and announced that the Co-op Shooter would be released on September 16. The developers also showed a gameplay roll. Players have to assemble a team of operatives to invade exclusion zones and uncover the mysteries of the deadly alien threat.

You can play alone or in a co-op for up to three players. There are 18 familiar operatives waiting for players to gain new abilities and equipment.

By completing missions, players will increase the level of operatives and their characteristics, as well as access new equipment and perks. In exclusion zones located in New Mexico, New Mexico, York, San Francisco and Alaska, is dominated by the Chimera parasite and its evolving sentient organisms (10 archetypes in all) that absorb and alter the landscape.

The authors promise 12 unique maps with procedurally generated calls, enemies, contagion, and increasing complexity. The further players go, the better the rewards will be.

If the operative fails to get to the escape point, the team will have a choice: leave him behind to receive larger rewards, or return, to organize the salvage. Those who did not reach the evacuation point will find their operative temporarily unavailable for future missions.

The only way to recover an operative is to carry out an evacuation before the parasite completely captures him. The Rainbow Six Extraction release will take place on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

At the start, the game will receive cross-play and cross-progression support. .