Rainbow Six Quarantine will officially rename, but not to “Parasite”

Ubisoft confirmed the authenticity of Rainbow Six: Parasite leak, but denied plans to change the Rainbow Six: Quarantine subtitle to Parasite — the latter only a working title for internal testing. At the same time, the publisher officially confirmed that the game will be renamed – before that the company only informed investors about plans to consider the probability of changing the name due to the potential negative reaction the public on the subtitle Quarantine against the backdrop of a global pandemic. The cooperative shooter for three was announced almost two years ago, but since that moment it has never been shown.

The release is scheduled for the next six months — until September 30. More on Gambling Zack Snyder can do a project based on myths about King Arthur Analysts: Disney+ subscribers will distille Netflix by 2026 Star Wars Trilogy Ryan Johnson still in development.