Rainbow Six Siege got Crystal Guard story trailer with Osa operative

Ubisoft has released a fresh Rainbow Six Siege trailer and dedicated it to a new operative, Axis. However, the combat qualities of transgender Anya โ€œOsaโ€ Yankovic are out of the question. The video focuses on the other side of her character โ€” her love of technological innovations that call her a nerd or โ€œnerdโ€ for her eyes.

Talon-8 bulletproof shields with mechanical claws. They can protect both the operative and her associates, and they can also block a door or window door.

In battles, the Wasp can act as a scout through dangerous battles. places.

Her skill also helps the team move forward and gain a foothold in an unusual place. A new heroine will appear in the game on September 7, with the Crystal Guard season starting, and will unlock the Battle Pass.

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