Raiola speaks openly about Ihattaren: “Yes, Im worried”

Mino Raiola hopes the best for Mohamed Ihattaren, who has recently not been in his stable. Ihattaren was bought by Juventus from PSV and immediately rented to Sampdoria, who is done with him.
Ihattaren doesnt feel at home with Sampdoria and has been in the Netherlands for a while. He has now also changed his agent. Not Raiola, but Ali Dursun is looking after his interests. Run away? Well. Everyone is free to go, they are not prisoners, says Raiola at Studio Voetbal.
I hope he finds himself and his happiness. No, I
m no longer in contact with him. Yes, Im worried. You cant suddenly find someone a jerk if they make a different choice. That is also busy, says Raiola.
The mental side is often not highlighted in the public discussion. I hope he finds his way back with his new team. Its a fantastic football player, says Raiola.
Chances are that Sampdoria will send Ihattaren back to Juventus, where he still has a contract until 2025.