Ramalho speaks out about the future: Something Im thinking about

André Ramalho certainly does not rule out making a transfer to Brazil in the future. The stopper has never played in his national competition and may want to do so. Ramalho also opens a small book about his adaptation time in the Netherlands.
“I left Brazil when I was eighteen, so I never played football at the highest level there,” Ramalho told Life After Football. In the long run, the Brazilian seems to be open to returning to his native country. “I also grew up watching all the traditional clubs in our country and it‘s something I’m thinking about.”
When Ramalho left Brazil behind, he left for Austria. There he had a bit of a hard time adjusting. Something that affected Ramalho a lot less in the Netherlands. “I don‘t like to compare what’s better or worse, but I think the direct move from Brazil to the Netherlands would have been easier than moving to Austria. Compared to Austrians and Germans, the Dutch are a bit more open. That is the main difference. I found out about that immediately upon arrival in Eindhoven.”