Random VW van and load of beer: coke can sit anywhere

Bananas or kiwi? Thats gonna be very noticeable. Drug dealers are therefore always looking for new ways to sell their social disruptive commodity, such as beer and special cars

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evidenced by a latest check in the port of Rotterdam. There, customs intercepted 1069 kilos of cocaine with a street value of 80 million euros.

Over 800 kilos were hidden in a container with two old Volkswagen vans. The cars came from Brazil. According to the Public Prosecutors Office (OM), the recipient of the vehicles probably has nothing to do with the case.

Beer and nuts


Another shipment of coke was between boxes of beer. Unroasted nuts were found; an important clue.

โ€œ Research shows that individuals are likely to have used the switching method. Elsewhere on the port site, a container was found loaded with unroasted nuts from Argentina. The container with the unroasted nuts seems to have been used to bring the narcotic substances to the Netherlands,โ€ says the OM. โ€œThe cargo was destined for a company in Russia, the company probably has nothing to do with smuggling.โ€

A special team of Customs, FIOD, seaport police and the Public Prosecutors Office is investigating.