“Rape at Prestigious Nyenrode University”

The Board of Directors of the prestigious Nyenrode Business University responds to an alleged rape case that would have taken place last Saturday night during a banned student party on the campus of the castle in Breukelen.

,, In the interests of privacy and at the request of those involved, Nyenrode has been reluctant to bring out this gripping incident, but we naturally find this event terrible. The university is in close contact with the victim and we have offered immediate help, says Koen Becking and Remmelt Vetkamp in a statement.

,, On Saturday night 30 October, campus security received a report of a possible sex offence. Campus security immediately informed the police who secured the defendant. The matter is now in the hands of the police and the prosecution, we are following developments closely, the board says.


Nyenrode offers everyone, who feels touched by events the opportunity to enter into a conversation with a counselor. ,, A safe climate on campus to study and live is a basic condition that Nyenrode Business University stands for. We thank the staff of campus security and the police for their adequate action in this matter, said the board.

The prosecutor‘s office says there is indeed a sex investigation. ,, I can confirm that. There’s no one left in jail right now. Whoever is a suspect. We are not making any further announcements on this matter, said a spokesman.

Student party

The incident would have taken place a week ago at Nyenrode around the election of a new board of the student association NCV. Later this evening it would have turned into a spontaneous party of some twenty students. When security found that the coronare rules were not complied with there, the police were called.

When agents calm down the partygoers, reports were reported of a rape of one of the students present. Then a male student was arrested and the victim on campus was questioned by police.