Rapper Blacka apologizes after deadly stabbing incident in Scheveningen

The Rotterdam rapper Blacka has apologized via Instagram for the events surrounding a deadly stabbing incident in Scheveningen on Monday. A nineteen-year-old Rotterdammer with the nickname Chuchu was killed in the incident. Probably a quarrel in the Dutch ‘drillrap scene’ between the rap formations 73 De Pijp from Amsterdam and Blacka 24 from Rotterdam played a role in the stabbing.

Rapper Blacka writes on Instagram that he wants to apologize to “all those affected and people who (have) suffered”. “Our Chuchu, my friend, he’s gone and that’s broken my heart.”

In the statement on the social media platform, the rapper acknowledges that there was an argument in which he was also involved. “This whole drill beef (beef is street language for arguing, ed.) doesn’t make any sense at the end of the day. At the end of the day, I sincerely don’t know why this fight started and how I’ve been so stupid to get involved with guys who have nothing to lose.”

It’s not clear what kind of fight it’s about. The rapper says that “serious threats were made” to his family and that he “lost himself for it”. “I tried to ignore this quarrel several times and I didn’t succeed in the end. Sorry does come afterwards, but I’m really sorry.”

The rapper was not directly accessible for comments on his statement.