‘Rapper Travis Scott pays back festival tickets after fatal concert’

American rapper Travis Scott is said to be planning to repay all visitors to the Astroworld Festival their entrance fee, following his concert in Houston last weekend. The American magazine Variety reports that.

At the Texas festival, eight visitors were killed in jeopardy on Saturday. RollingStone magazine reports that Scott has offered to take on the funeral costs.

Chaos and panic arose in front of the festival stage where Scott performed. After that, people fell into tribulation. At the entrance and the fence, visitors fainted.


least 25 people were taken to hospital with injuries. Several festival-goers are said to have suffered cardiac arrest. A ten-year-old child was also injured.

โ€œNot in the eyeโ€

Social media criticizes the rapper as he didnt shut down his performance when chaos broke out. Scott stated afterwards that he had nt noticed that things were going wrong during the show. According to the Chief of Police in Houston, quitting was not an option, as that might have led to riots.

Astroworld Festival attracted about 50,000 visitors and was conceived by the rapper himself. The festival was shut down after Travis Scotts concert on Saturday.

The rapper was also said to have cancelled a show at a festival in Las Vegas this weekend. The artist would not be able to perform.