‘Rare’ houseplant with 9 leaves sold for $19,297

A nine-leaf houseplant was sold in New Zealand through an auction site for $19,297, nearly 16,000 euros. It concerns the very rare Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma.

According to Millie Silvester, spokesperson for Trade Me auction website, its the most expensive houseplant ever sold through the website. โ€œIt was a very exciting bid war in the last minutes,โ€ Silvester tells CNN. โ€œThe plant has been viewed 102,000 times online and was added to 1,600 follow-lists. It shows how we Kiwi love houseplants.โ€

In New Zealand dollars, the plant cost about 27,100 dollars. The average price for a houseplant on Trade Me was risen from $34 in 2019 to $82 last month. Particularly rare copies exchange ownership for enormous amounts. โ€œHouseplants have become the new it-piece in recent years. Weve only seen prices rise,โ€ Silvester continues.

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And whether the Rhapidophora Tetrasperma is rare. โ€œThis plant has eight leaves, the ninth is just hatching,โ€ it sounds in the description. โ€œEach leaf is perfectly colored and the plant is well rooted in a 14-centimeter diameter pot.โ€ The plant is mainly found in Thailand and Malaysia.


person who bought the plant must be on

their own to pick up

his or her new acquisition in Auckland, New Zealands largest city, in addition to paying the big amount of money. Eventually, 248 bids were offered on the plant.