Rare iguanas ‘by Mark Rutte’ have had a baby

Caretakers in Blijdorp Zoo are happy. An iguana has been born that is seriously threatened in the wild. With a breeding program the zoo tries to save the species.

Along with Mark Rutte

The parents of the baby iguana were taken to the Netherlands by Mark Rutte in 2018. He was visiting the island of St. Eustatius, where the iguana lives in the wild.

On that island the iguana species is doing very badly. There are only 600 of them left in the wild. That’s because people are catching it to eat and another iguana species is chasing it away.

So the zoo was very happy that Mark Rutte wanted to take four iguanas with him to the Netherlands. If necessary, they can release the iguanas that are born on St. Eustatius.