Rashed blue shark on beach Ouddorp yet back to sea

A blue shark that washed up at the South Holland seaside resort Ouddorp Saturday evening after a visit to Diergaarde Blijdorp in Rotterdam was deported again in the North Sea near Stellendam.

Rescue workers tried to get the animal of 1.86 metres in length into the sea in the afternoon, but several attempts failed.

The rescue team Zeedieren transported the shark in a dolphin box with oxygen tank to Rotterdam. In Blijdorp the beast was housed in the fish quarantine of the Oceanium. The shark was examined by a veterinarian, turned out to be in reasonable condition and had no visible injuries.

Because deposition as soon as possible increases the chances of survival of the animal, it was decided after consultation with various experts to put the animal back into the sea the same evening. โ€œThe shark has the best chances of survival. We are confident that the blue shark will find its way in the open sea,โ€ says Blijdorp.

Where exactly it went wrong and why the shark ended up on the beach is not clear. โ€œYou can‘t see what’s wrong with him on the outside. He had no injuries,โ€ says the spokesman. โ€œBut when a blue shark washes up, something‘s going on.โ€

According to Blijdorp, it is very special that a blue shark washed ashore alive on the Dutch coast. โ€œThis is the first time I’ve seen this. The first time in 27 years!โ€, says Jaap van der Hiele, spokesman for Rescue Team Zeedieren Nederland (RTZ).

They occur naturally not in the North Sea but in temperate and subtropical deep seas. How the animal got here is unknown.